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Oil shine serum in Rose 30ml

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This is oil shine serum that will transform your makeup in to the next level! 
Its waterproof and smudge proof. Yes.. You heard right.. 
Apply this serum before your face makeup, make sure that your products don't contain water(water based foundation is not suitable), set as normally you do, and woulia you have waterproof and smudge proof makeup!

Suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Serum is high in silicones, so we wouldn't recommend to use for everyday makeup.

It surprisingly increases the durability of all the products you use to do your makeup.

That way, it makes all your make-up waterproof! That is, it will not dismantle with sweat, tears, as well as become quite resistant to friction.

Shielding is mainly indicated for mixed and oily skin, containing rapid absorption.

In addition to having various functions, such as making makeup waterproof and friction resistant, it also helps to recover that dry makeup.

Therefore, it makes your makeup products last much longer!

The serum doesn't leave your skin oily. In fact, it makes the base even more fluid.


Before applying the base, use the serum as if it were a type of primer.

Similarly, you can also mix some droplets of the armor with the makeup product you prefer.

Shielding can be applied directly to your skin, as well as a serum.

Using it this way, you will make your entire makeup waterproof!



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